package category

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Type Members

  1. trait Category extends AnyRef

  2. trait CoequalizersForFinitelyPresentedCategories extends Coequalizers

  3. trait CoproductsForFinitelyPresentedCategories extends Coproducts

  4. trait EqualizersForFinitelyPresentedCategories extends EqualizersAreSubs

  5. trait Equivalence extends AnyRef

  6. trait FinitelyGeneratedCategory extends LocallyFinitelyGeneratedCategory

    A FinitelyGeneratedCategory is just a LocallyFinitelyGeneratedCategory with finitely many levels (and so finitely many objects and generators).

  7. trait FinitelyPresentedCategories extends Category with Products

  8. trait FinitelyPresentedCategory extends FinitelyGeneratedCategory

  9. trait FullyParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC <: Category, TC <: Category, SF <: ParametrizedFunctor[SC, TC], TF <: ParametrizedFunctor[SC, TC]] extends SourceParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC, TC, SF] with TargetParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC, TC, TF]

  10. trait Functor extends AnyRef

  11. trait FunctorToSet extends Functor

  12. trait FunctorsToSet extends Category

  13. trait LeftAdjoint extends AnyRef

  14. trait LocallyFinitelyGeneratedCategory extends SmallCategory

    A LocallyFinitelyGeneratedCategory may have infinitely many objects, but each object sits at some integer level, and there are only finitely many objects at each level.

  15. trait NaturalTransformation extends AnyRef

  16. trait NaturalTransformationToSet extends NaturalTransformation

  17. trait ParametrizedFunctor[SC <: Category, TC <: Category] extends Functor

  18. trait ParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC <: Category, TC <: Category] extends NaturalTransformation

  19. case class Path[O, G](source: O, target: O, morphisms: List[G]) extends Product with Serializable

  20. trait ProductsForFinitelyPresentedCategories extends Products

  21. trait RightAdjoint extends AnyRef

  22. trait SmallCategory extends Category

  23. trait SourceParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC <: Category, TC <: Category, SF <: ParametrizedFunctor[SC, TC]] extends ParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC, TC]

  24. trait TargetParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC <: Category, TC <: Category, TF <: ParametrizedFunctor[SC, TC]] extends ParametrizedNaturalTransformation[SC, TC]

Value Members

  1. def ???: Nothing

    Definition Classes
  2. object FinitelyGeneratedCategory extends AnyRef

  3. object FinitelyPresentedCategories extends FinitelyPresentedCategories with ProductsForFinitelyPresentedCategories with CoproductsForFinitelyPresentedCategories

  4. object FinitelyPresentedCategory extends AnyRef

  5. object Functor extends AnyRef

  6. object FunctorsToSet extends FunctorsToSet

  7. object LocallyFinitelyGeneratedCategory extends AnyRef

  8. package functor