package sets

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Type Members

  1. trait CoequalizersForSets extends Coequalizers

  2. class CoproductSet extends FSet

  3. trait CoproductsForSets extends Coproducts

  4. trait EqualizersForSets extends EqualizersAreSubs

  5. trait FFunction extends AnyRef

  6. trait FSet extends AnyRef

  7. trait FiniteFSet extends FSet

  8. case class IdentityFunction(set: FSet) extends FFunction with Product with Serializable

  9. trait InitialObjectForSets extends InitialObject

  10. class ProductSet extends FSet

  11. trait ProductsForSets extends Products

  12. trait Sets extends Category

  13. trait TerminalObjectForSets extends TerminalObject

Value Members

  1. def ???: Nothing

    Definition Classes
  2. object FFunction extends AnyRef

  3. object FSet extends AnyRef

  4. object Sets extends Sets with InitialObjectForSets with TerminalObjectForSets with ProductsForSets with CoproductsForSets with EqualizersForSets with CoequalizersForSets with usingCoproductsAndCoequalizers